The best homepages in the world won’t necessarily make money for you

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When it comes to internet marketing to make money online you don’t need to have one of the best homepages around.


By far the most important factors to make money online now to earn money through internet marketing are the following:

  • A quality product,
  • The ability to add immense value to your customers,
  • A good squeeze page,
  • A great sales page,
  • Adequate search engine optimisation,
  • A quality list or database of prospective customers, and
  • Targeted traffic that brings motivated buyers to your website, not just your homepage.

You can have the best homepage in the world but unless you get the business basics right and are able to convert your visitors to paying customers you are not going to make money online now or anytime soon for that matter.

Many of the best homepages are designed for purposes other than making money, thus clearly if you want to make money online now then the best homepages for your online business are not the most important thing to concentrate on.


Overview of an internet business

We are going to look at a broad overview of an internet business and where internet marketing fits into the bigger picture.

Most internet marketers do not know the difference between the two concepts and unless you understand the basics, you are going to find it very difficult to become a world class internet marketer.

If you do not know how to market on the internet, you are not going to be able to build a successful business on the internet – guaranteed!

Our goal is to build a world class internet business so let’s first understand what this is.

An internet business is built on three pillars:



The first pillar is Mind Sets. Every business needs to have the correct mind sets, if not you will struggle to grow the business to its full potential and you may waste valuable time, effort and resources trying to build it. More than 80% of your business success will depend on you creating the right mind sets to be able to run a successful business.

The second pillar is the management pillar. The only way to manage your business successfully is to have the right management systems in place.

The third pillar is the Money Making pillar.

After you have invested in yourself first and learnt how to build a website and you also know how to turn that website into a fully automated e-commerce site by adding the required automation and payment mechanisms to your website; you can then begin to build a sustainable online business. Just having a website and one of the best homepages does not mean you will automatically make money online.

Once you have completed a course such as the Gold internet marketing course, you will have the knowledge to make as much money online as you can handle on condition that you are willing to put in the necessary TERM’s (Time, Effort, Resources and Mind-set for more on this I suggest you read my book) to make that happen. It is your money and you will have to do the work. Any course merely gives you the tools and you are going to put in the TERM’s to make it happen.

You need to understand that there is a big difference between internet marketing and the running of a successful internet business.


To make money online is NOT the same as running a successful business!


This might sound a bit strange to you now, but you will understand this statement and its impact if you read my book or do my Gold Internet Marketing Course.

The marketing process is only a small portion of the money making process. When we look at the money making process, guess what? It also stands on three pillars.



The first pillar is lead generation. I am no internet guru, so I am going to stick with terminology that I am comfortable with. The lead is a potential client or customer, if a person has never done any business with you they are not yet a client or customer. However, there is the possibility or potential that they might be one in the future.

An existing customer can also become a lead if they have not bought all of your products or services. It is at least 10 to 15 times easier to sell a new product to an existing customer than to a new lead.

At this stage the only way the leads get notice of what you have to offer them is if you can find a way to make them understand that they have a problem and that you can offer a solution to solve that problem for them.

The process of getting to a customer is called marketing. Thus, you can see that the only reason that you need to learn about the different internet marketing methods is to gain more leads to convert into customers.

The function of the marketing process is to generate more leads, by generating more leads and finding a way to get their personal information, such as name and e-mail address, we can build our list or database of leads.

The second pillar of the money making process is the Conversion pillar. The conversion process is just a fancy way to describe the sales process, which is turning the lead into a paying customer. The only way a lead can become a customer is if they buy something from you that is where you make your money.

Unless the lead believes that what they are going to buy from you is worth more than their money, they will not buy it. Obviously if the lead does not buy, there is no sale and if there are no sales there is no business it’s that simple. The only reason a lead will buy from you is when he or she believes that your product or service will basically solve his or her problem.

The third pillar is Content. The solution you are offering the lead to solve his or her problem is called content. The word content incorporates services, ideas, information and products.

There are two ways to offer content in order to provide a solution to the leads problem. The first is to create or develop the content yourself and the second is to use third parties content. If you use a third parties content you are called an affiliate in the internet marketing speak, this is just a fancy term for saying you are a salesman.

The process of converting a lead into a customer is the same whether you are the content owner or if you are selling the content as an affiliate.

Just having one of best homepages on the internet alone is not going to give you a successful internet business. If having one of the best homepages was the only criteria to earn money through internet marketing life would be very simple.



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